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How you survived all this is a Carson City Nevada Born And Raised Shirt testimony to your strength courage and gods hand you and the american people deserve justice consequences must fall on every individual of small or large importance who involved themselves in this dangerous threat to the nation trust in government only comes through justice equally enforced and the taxpayers were the ones footing the cost all that wasted money that could have been used for some good for humanity we lived through it all with you our president and your beautiful family how you were all persecuted for just being a president and loving his own country there must be justice done for the good of the nation several of the worst offenders need to see a few years in federal prison and lose their jobs who is going to hold someone responsible for the cost of all this the american people should not have to pay for their hatred so sick of the double standards for the rich when will they be held accountable for thisi remember hearing that nobody is above the law and that includes the past administration the people who did all of this should be put in jail for the rest of their lives trying to change to results of. Losing to jaime harrison mcconnell is losing kentucky joni ernst losing iowa what will do without your skirtthreads. And we the people got your backi heard about it on foxandfriends this morning

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