Girls Electricity Ohm’s Law Shirt


Youve got our back mr presidentand we have. Let your lawyers handle this butw a Girls Electricity Ohm’s Law Shirt s the best punishment for treasonyou have a lot of people to prove wrong and a nation to join I want more than this memory of youi love how donald trump a washington outsider representing the backbone of americal has and will continue to make america great. Has taken justice the very foundation of this country and trashed it our justice system is broke the democrats have shown that the end justify the means in their complete opposition to trump great strategy by stones lawyers allow a vetted jury with known ties to the democratic party as a candidate now demand a retrial or gave trump a reason to pardon him roy cohn taught stone and trump wellwhy you think theres so many overturns of judgements when the defendant is black and the jury is all white same thing roger stone is slime

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