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Our justice system is warped you are doing well if you never get caught up in it plenty wrong with it tier justice system this judge is bias and needs to be recused I dont care if he goes to jail for lying as long as the liars on the others side are going too barr is a Lips Cleveland Rolling Stones Browns Shirt wimp how dare he scold his boss about tweeting he works for trump not the other way around she should have been excused doesnt a juror have a responsibility to disclose bias etc we count on you mr president and welcome the fact that you tell it like it is regarding these biased hypocriteswhy should they hold the cards thank you for putting up with this swamp filled environment for us we love you mr president and may god bless you trump its your mess sir fix ithonesty. If we cant get the young voters out we have no chance of beating trumpi just died laughing corruption seems to be the talk of the town illegal unlawful corruption and yet nobodys in prison. So her chances are greatyou cant even string together a grammatically correct post

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