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Im eager to seeif anyone is actually held accountable its a Vintage Cna Knows More Than She Says Shirt game at the end of the day everyone does a high five and goes home millionaires total bullshit the fact that this has been allowed to happen and there has not been any exposure and punishment is such a huge concern the swamp is deeper than anyone thought when the highest ranked position in the united states is threatened and no one is held accountable this can not go unexposed and unpunished they all need to go directly to jail and loose any retirement compensation they would be entitled to for the cost the country incurred as a result of this sham absolutely disgusting all of these involved should be arrested and punished for their crimes against the american citizens and our wonderful president people must be accountable or it will happen again people must go to jail. Thank you mr president for making us the americans your priority we are praying for gods guidance wisdom and protection be upon youlets all spread the word. Im in new englandand all the local news channels were showing it this morning in the cold they are pitching tents for days let me live in a country where you have a lot of respect for the president who is very much in my dream world because anyone with half a brain doesnt care theyll only talk about the crazy left protesters standing against you but not the peaceful supporters standing for you

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